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Legal Representation for Children and Youth


Lightning Law Office offers legal representation in the area of child welfare matters relating to the Enhancement Act and concerning the children's view for ages 0-teen. Denise Lightning is a roster Lawyer for LRCY - and is appointed on matters in which it is felt that the children require representation seperatly from other parties in court proceedings. 


LRCY does not appoint lawyers to represent young people on criminal matters.


It is important that children and youth have their voice heard when court proceedings will be directly affecting them.


What we will do:


-Meet with the young client(s);

-Explain the situation in a way that is easy for the client to articulate;

-Attend court on behalf of the child(ren) and share their views and fight for what they feel

will be best for the child(ren);

-Explain the outcome of the proceedings to the child(ren) in a way that they can easily understand.


LRCY Files are highly sensative and confidential and we understand the importance of privacy.


To get more information on having a lawyer appointed for a child/youth, please contact LRCY directly:







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